One product.
Two Ways to use it.

A more powerful pen vaporizer you can use on its own or in the stem of a water pipe.

Vaporizer Technology

For the Future of Concentrates

At Vapor Slide we're dedicated to producing cleaner, more effective, more convenient ways to use concentrates. We combine the best cartridge tech with the best battery tech to give consumers the most versatile and reliable pen vaporizer on the market today.

The Vapor Slide V-1 is a high-quality, durable, dual-purpose vaporizer that works either independently or with a water-pipe. It's small and discrete with a robust feel, larger battery, pass through USB charging and higher amperage making Vapor Slide the perfect hybrid between pen vaporizer and dab.



Built From The Top Down

Click below to see the V-1 in action.



Uses a powerful 18350 1000mah L-Ion rechargable battery. Higher amperage will produce more vapor with standard cartridges and the variable voltage allows you to dial in just how much vapor you want. (Dont go over 4.2V with standard cartridges.)


The slide body is made from 6120 aircraft aluminum with a hardend rubberized plastic handle to increase overall durabilty and ruggedness.


Our Airflow Technology allows for button-free use, this will ensure you get a consistant hit everytime. On average, a 1g CO2 extract cartridge can last up to three weeks on a single fill. This will save you time and money when compared to other consumption methods.


Keep your water pipe clean, keep wax residue out of your mouth, use water to add another layer of filtration, and reduce coughing.


Use the twistable voltage knob to increase or decrease the amount of vapor that is produced.